What is 2livNlearn.blog?

2livNlearn.blog is a product of my experiences working with students and teachers. On this site you will find articles that relate to real issues that have come up as a part of navigating the needs of this fascinating, ever-changing, and uniquely challenging student population. Every topic covered is one that I have researched or experienced as a part of providing classroom teachers with support.

I also have attempted, whenever possible, to give you a usable download within many articles, that you can print and use within your lesson planning and/or instruction. I have also linked this blog to my Teachers Pay Teachers store where you will find more freebies and resources.

Who am I?

I am a district coach working with teachers in a large urban district in the southeast United States.  Much of what I do is anonymous to protect the identities of students and teachers I work with who are sometimes mentioned in content related examples and antidotes. I have two decades of experience in education working in regular and ESL classrooms from pre-K to college age students, am certified k-12 Reading and ESL, hold National Boards, and several degrees. In my current role I work with teachers who have students learning English as a Second Language.

Why I do this?

As a beginning teacher I was ill equipped to meet the needs of the English Learners in my elementary classroom. I cringe when I think back on what, at the time, were my best efforts to include and grow these students.  At that time, there was little available to tell me how to navigate daily challenges. What few resources I could find were predominantly about adult populations who had very different needs from my students. Even now, when academic texts are abound, they lack the conversational style and accessibility that a conversation with a mentor teacher or colleague down the hall would provide. I hope I have blended academic, research-based information with a conversational tone that allows you to access and apply the information included.

Want to give feedback?

Like all lifelong learners, I welcome your constructive feedback. You can contact me through the Contact Page.

Thank you for reading and sharing!